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FIFAAddiction is a resource for all us FIFA players on XBOX, Playstation and PC. FIFA on XboxOne and PS4 for Nextgen FIFA and of course xbox360 and PS3. Covering most aspects of FIFA to help everyone improve and understand the game more and solve their issues. From learning how to do skills or defending and attacking. Ultimate team help finding the best players and helping you trade to a million coins.
We are like most of you… we love/hate the game and want to improve. Should find answers to lots of your questions across the site or as below you can get in touch or discuss with us anything FIFA. Most pages and blogs will let you comment and ask questions too.

Keep up to date with FIFA16

FIFA15 twitter

Follow us on twitter for everything FIFA from daily tips to site updates and general FIFA. Retweeting anything worthwhile to the FIFA community. @fifaaddiction

FIFA16 videos

Videos will be added to our youtube channel showing guides and help. Also links to famous FIFA youtube channels worth a watch.

FIFA15 facebook

We have a facebook page which is the best place to ask us general questions. Also kept up to date with new content from the site.

Check out The Blogs section for lots of Ultimate team tips and trading advice updated throughout FIFA16. You can also subscribe to our FIFAAddiction RSS feed and add an RSS viewer/ticker to your browser via add ons or mobile. The blogs and any new ones will scroll across your feed to view. Works similar to BBC ticker and very useful.

Better FIFA tutorials and bigger sections

From feedback we added lots more to the Ultimate team pages. What it is and how it works with lots of advice and help. How to trade to million coins and secret tips a lot of people didn’t know about.

More in depth tutorials with better explanations and images to help. Lots of really good stuff for FIFA16 arriving every day.

The NEW skills section covers all the skills including a few not mentioned in the game or on most sites. It is different in that for the first time you can see how the skills are done when attacking playing left to right and right to left. As we know most people play using the tele camera view so hopefully this will help a little. Also the new FIFA16 skills pages have printable guides.

People might find the lag fix page interesting as most FIFA players are frustrated by the game online. We know the EA stats servers have been a big problem in FIFA but there are a few things you can do to cut other lag to a minimum. Feel free to comment and get involved.

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